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Prosecutor declares disappeared Moskva sailor as «untraceably missing»

The military prosecutor's office of the Russian Black Sea Fleet sent a letter to Dmitry Shkrebets, the father of conscript Yegor Shkrebts who went missing after the sinking of the cruiser Moscow. The man asked for the whereabouts of his son and was told he was «declared untraceably missing from the military unit».

«The inspection showed that the ship on which Shkrebets E.D. was serving did not enter the territorial waters of Ukraine and was not included in the list of military formations and units involved in the special military operation. On April 13, 2022, during an emergency that resulted in the sinking of the ship, the latter went missing,» the reply says.

«You keep lying... don't stop now. The easier it will be to stop you, non-humans. Isn't Snake Island in the territorial waters of Ukraine, scum? What kind of scum you must be to send us this! The answers from the chief military prosecutor within two days, and now this... Did someone tell you to do it? Or did you sign it on your own...?», - Dmitry Shkrebets writes.

The Defense Ministry's reply contradicts what the official authorities of Sevastopol said earlier. On April 24, the city administration issued a statement about the governor's visit to the hospital where the sailors from the cruiser were treated. «Sevastopol Governor Mikhail Razvozzhaev visited the Defense Ministry hospital in Omega. The lightly wounded fighters who participated in the special military operation in Ukraine are now undergoing rehabilitation there. Including eight sailors of the Guards Order of Nakhimov missile cruiser Moskva who are completing their treatment,» the report said.

On April 13, the Ukrainian side said it hit the Moskva with Neptun missiles. On April 14, the Russian Defense Ministry said that the Moskva had been destroyed. Shortly before that, the agency said the cruiser's ammunition «detonated,» and a fire broke out as a result.

After the report about the sinking of the cruiser, the parents of Shkrebets and other conscripts began searching for information about the survivors and the dead. According to Irina Shkrebets, they were turned away from every place, and the unit commander refused to share information about Yegor with his parents.

On April 17, Dmitry Shkrebets posted on his VKontakte page that his son had been reported missing. The sailor's father accused the Russian Defense Ministry of lying about what happened to the ship, and his wife told The Insider she had accompanied him to the hospital in Rocky Bay, where the wounded from the cruiser were brought. There she saw about 200 injured sailors. In total, according to the mother of the missing sailor, there had been more than 500 people on the ship.

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