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11-year-old put on file by Volgograd region police for alleged «discrediting of Russian Armed Forces»

In Kamyshin, Volgograd region, an 11-year-old schoolboy was placed on the preventive action register. According to the police, he «disseminated information online aimed at discrediting the Russian Armed Forces.» The registration occurred during the course of the Your Choice preventive campaign.

The purpose of the campaign was «neutralizing attempts to involve minors in destructive, particularly extremist and terrorist, activities, in illegal mass actions, countering spread of information promoting suicidal behavior and violence in educational organizations among adolescents.» During the campaign week police officers conducted 2,045 lectures and conversations with minors and checked up on 1,466 families registered with juvenile affairs departments.

In addition to «discrediting the Russian army,» police identified and blocked on social media «13 content items of illegal, suicidal, and extremist character promoting criminal subcultures», states the Volgograd region police department in a press release.

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