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As weather gets warmer dead bodies start to decompose in Mariupol. Nearly 100,000 city residents are in danger due to unsanitary conditions

Nearly 100,000 residents of Mariupol are in mortal danger due to unsanitary conditions and unbearable living conditions, city mayor Vadim Boychenko says.

He says the air temperature in the city has reached 20 degrees Celsius. At the same time, thousands of corpses are decomposing in basements and under rubble while locals suffer from a shortage of food and drinking water. All this may lead to outbreaks of powerful and deadly epidemics: cholera, dysentery and E. coli.

«The occupants are unable to provide the population with food, water and medicine. Or they are simply not interested in doing so. They are blocking all attempts to evacuate. And without that, people will die. After all, living conditions in destroyed Mariupol are now medieval. We need immediate and complete evacuation,» Boychenko says.

According to Boychenko, more than 10,000 civilians were killed during the siege of the city. He says that number could exceed 20,000, as «the streets are strewn» with the bodies of the dead. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also spoke of tens of thousands of dead. He said the Russian army wants to make an example of destroyed Mariupol.

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