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Vazhniye Istorii: Russian doctors ordered to Ukrainian border to treat soldiers, required to sign NDAs

Russian outlet Vazhnye Istorii found out that Russian doctors treating wounded soldiers in border hospitals are forced to sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA), according to a source in one of the Russian news agencies. An employee of a Moscow polyclinic told the publication:

«I am from Belgorod, and my colleagues who live and work there say there are now soldiers in the hospitals. But those who work with servicemen had to sign non-disclosure pledges. Colleagues from the Belgorod and Kursk regions, from the Federal Medical and Biological Agency are under non-disclosure obligations. Everyone wanted a written guarantee.»

A source in Rostov told Vazhnye Istorii that in the Rostov region, the wounded soldiers are kept in the military district hospital and in the hospital for veterans of the Great Patriotic War, which belong to the Defense Ministry. A civilian district hospital was also converted into a military hospital. In Volgograd, several covid sections of the local hospitals were converted for military use, and in Voronezh, a whole floor has been reserved at Emergency Medical Care Hospital No. 1 (BSMP No. 1). However, according to Vazhnye Istorii, the premises are empty for now.

«They say we are at the third line, but in the meantime they are taking the wounded to Kursk, Belgorod, etc. When everything is filled up there, they will be bringing them here. The BSMP floor is still empty, although there is not enough space in the other hospital wards because of this».

According to a Moscow clinic's employee, medical specialists from Moscow have also been sent to the border. Employees of the Federal Medical-Biological Agency and of the Vishnevsky Center for Surgery have been sent to treat Russian servicemen. This is being done either on a voluntary or a compulsory basis: doctors who refuse to go are getting fired. The trips themselves are arranged as business trips, for which a small compensation is due.

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