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«Could president be right to go to war?» Kazan kids celebrate war in Ukraine

Telegram channel «Beware, news» published a video of a celebration in a kindergarten in support of the war in Ukraine. In the video, a kindergarten teacher asks the children if the present was right « to go to war with Ukraine to protect Darina, Dina, and Sofa.» «He stood up for his own people, don't you think?» the educator clarifies.

The educator then asked again who among the children were in favor of the war, telling them to raise their hands. She also asked who among the children thought the war was not necessary. Some of the children voted «for» the war, some voted «against» it.

After the survey, the educator added: «The war has already started, nothing can be changed, but if we don't go out now and support our army, our president, if we don't go all the way, then the Americans, the Europeans will come and beat us. And then we'll have a very hard time. We must go all the way to the end once we've started.»

The event was held at the «Indigo» kindergarten in Kazan and was organized by the director of the local Early Development Center, according to the «Beware, news» channel. The event was attended by children aged from 2 to 5. Children participated in stage acts involving Z-symbols as their parents watched them from their seats in the auditorium.

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