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«Parents and child found burned in basement.» Head of Kharkiv RMA says Russian military killed civilians

The Ukrainian military, which liberated the village of Gusarovkain the Kharkiv region, previously seized by Russian troops, found a burnt family in the basement of an apartment building, head of the Kharkiv regional military administration Oleg Sinegubov told The Insider's correspondent Serhiy Loiko. According to him, from the remaining bones it is clear there was a child among the burned victims.

«Every day I pray we won't have another Bucha on the occupied territories,» Sinegubov said during the interview. »But a few minutes ago, the head of the Kharkiv region national policereported that when we cleaned up Gusarovka, we found a basement in an apartment building, with a family inside. Based on the bones it is clear a child was there, they all died in a terrible fire. And it was not an accidental fire. The house is intact, but the basement was deliberately burned, and of course it was the Russians who did it. That is how they treat people's lives, the lives of civilians. No instance of such inhumanity will go unnoticed. Believe me, this war between will last longer than one generation, that's for sure. And we will never forget and never forgive.»

The head of the Kharkiv regional military administration Oleg Sinegubov in his civilian life was a lawyer, a teacher, a professor with a degree in law. Previously, he headed the Poltava regional state administration, then became the head of the Kharkivregion.

Sinegubov also told The Insider how the Russian military had shelled the Kharkiv government buildings.

«First, an Iskander-M missile hit the Kharkiv regional administration building, unfortunately approximately 30 people were killed,» Sinegubov said. » I say »approximately» because the rubble is still being cleaned and the number of victims will be updated. <On that day> we were supposed to hold our usual daily meeting at 8:30 a.m., and at 8:45 two missiles hit the building; by sheer luck we were not there at the time.»

The second time the building of the main directorate of the national police was shelled.

«We were already there, the first missile really contused us and the shock wave blew us away from our seats in the office of the head of the Kharkiv region national police,» the head of the Kharkiv RMA says. »The windows blew out and there was a lot of dust. After that, we intuitively went down to the basement in a matter of seconds, and soon there was a second explosion, and we were buried under debris. It was wet and dark for a while, and a lot of dust, it was almost impossible to breathe, there were about 20 of us, we all managed to get out, but a great number of people died that day.»

Sinegubov says the Ukrainian military does not intend to yield Kharkov to Russia.

«We will never give up Kharkiv, Kharkiv belongs to Ukraine, every Kharkiv citizen is a patriot of his land, and not only will we not give up the city, but we will chase the enemy away from it,» the head of the Kharkiv RMA says. »I want to thank everyone, because now everyone is united: some make their stand at the front, really holding their positions, and others are united at the rear, and acting as one every day we are bringingour victory closer.»

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