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No hospitals left in Luhansk region, head of regional administration says

Since the start of Russia's war against Ukraine, every medical facility in Luhansk Region has been shelled, and now there is not a single hospital left undamaged in the region, head of the Luhansk regional administration Sergei Gaidai reports. According to him, Russian troops are deliberately destroying healthcare institutions so that the wounded would have no chance of survival.

The head of the regional administration published a photograph of one of the hospitals in Rubizhne, which had been a modern medical facility with high-tech equipment before the war.

«Currently, the hospital is in the occupied part of the city, the orcs are recording videos and blaming the Ukrainian military for the destruction. The head doctor, a traitor, is playing up to the Kadyrovites, although he knows exactly who destroyed the hospital and when.»

On February 24, Russian troops invaded Ukraine by order of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Russian side calls the invasion a «special military operation» to protect people «from genocide» and claims to be targeting only military infrastructure. In fact, all these days it has been attacking residential neighborhoods, urban infrastructure, and cultural sites. On April 6, Russian troops shelled a hospital in Severodonetsk and residential houses and household outbuildings in Lysychansk, Severodonetsk, Novodruzhsk, and Toshkovka.

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