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''Bodies of people shot in the back of the head, mines in playgrounds.'' Bucha after the withdrawal of Russian troops

Anatoly Fedoruk, mayor of Ukraine's Bucha in the Kyiv region, told AFP the city was strewn with corpses. After the withdrawal of the Russian military, 280 dead civilians were found there and buried in mass graves.

According to the mayor, dozens of corpses are lying in the streets of the city and some of the dead have their hands tied. Mikhail Podolyak, advisor to the head of the Ukrainian presidential office, also confirms this. According to him, the Russian military shot unarmed civilians. « Those people were not military. They had no weapons. They posed no threat. How many more such cases are going down right now in the occupied territories?» Podolyak wrote.

According to journalists, some civilians were killed by a shot to the back of the head. Next to one of the bodies there was an open passport of a citizen of Ukraine, the man's hands were tied behind his back with a length of white cloth. Two other dead men had white bands on their arms. According to local residents, during the occupation the Russian military forced them to wear those bands, the BBC Russian Service reports.

According to journalist Dmitry Komarov, there lots of mines were left in Bucha on playgrounds and in the streets. The explosive devices are disguised as phones, pasta packets or matchboxes. The Russian military also mined the doors of residential buildings before leaving the city.

Photographer Mikhail Palinchak said the bodies of three people were found 20 kilometers from Kiev: a man and two naked women. According to Palinchak, the Russians wanted to burn them on the roadside. According to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, «4-5 corpses of naked women» were found, which «the Russian barbarians tried to burn.»

In the village of Motyzhyn, Makarovsky District, Kyiv Region, village head Olga Sukhenko, her husband, and son were shot in the back of the head. They were kidnapped by the Russian military on March 23, Ukrainian journalist Katerina Malafeeva reported. Some of those killed had their hands tied behind their backs.

In Irpen, abandoned by the Russian military, the corpses of murdered civilians also lie in the streets.

The military administration imposed a curfew across the liberated territories of the Kiev region until 06:00 April 5.

Ukrainian and international media are reporting on the humanitarian disaster in Bucha, but the Russian segment of the Internet is ignoring this topic. Not a single post about Bucha has appeared on Yandex's main page. They only pop up when a specific query is sent.

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