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27 kindergartens, 44 schools and more than 150 apartment blocks damaged in Kyiv since the beginning of war, mayor's office says

Since the beginning of the war, 154 apartment blocks, 20 homes, 27 kindergartens and 144 schools have been damaged in Kyiv, the mayor's office's Telegram channel reports.

The report also says a group of experts is working in Kyiv to assess the damage to the infrastructure and buildings. The experts will propose to the mayor's office a reconstruction plan and calculate its approximate cost.

Russia continues its military invasion of Ukraine, launched by order of Vladimir Putin on February 24. The Russian authorities call it a «special military operation» to protect people «from genocide.» All these days, Russia has been shelling not only military installations but also residential areas in Ukraine. Reportedly, there's not a single building left in bombed-out Mariupol that has not been damaged. At the same time, the Russian side continues to claim it is destroying only military infrastructure.

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