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Russia grants accreditation to a diplomat representing Taliban terrorists

Russia's Foreign Ministry has issued accreditation to the first Afghan diplomat sent by the Taliban government, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a conference of Afghanistan's neighboring countries.

The Afghan diplomat arrived in Moscow in February, Lavrov said.

«Despite the lack of government experience, financial and economic constraints and political and diplomatic pressure from the United States and its allies, the new Afghan administration manages to keep the state »afloat.» Certain positive results are evident on the counter-terrorist front. There are efforts in the field of human rights,» the head of the Foreign Ministry said.

The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan in August 2021 after U.S. troops left the country. In Russia, the Taliban are recognized as a terrorist organization and are banned.

Since the Taliban came to power, the situation in the country, particular regarding women's rights, has deteriorated noticeably. The Taliban abolished the Ministry of Women's Affairs. Women are also banned from riding in cars without hijabs. In early January, the Taliban banned women from public baths in northern provinces.

Many women lost their livelihoods. For example, four out of five female journalists lost their jobs and more than 230 media outlets in the country were shut down after the Taliban came to power.

In late December 2021, Taliban gunmen dispersed women protesters who were demanding food, jobs and education. In January, after another protest, the Taliban kidnapped some female protesters and their relatives. They were later released.

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