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Novaya Gazeta puts its website and paper version distribution on hold until the end of the war in Ukraine, facing license revocation

The editorial board of Novaya Gazeta reports it has put its publications on hold after a second warning from Roskomnadzor for «mentioning a non-profit organization without labeling it as a foreign agent.»

«We received another warning from Roskomnadzor. After that we are suspending the online and paper versions of the newspaper «until the end of the «special operation» in Ukraine». Respectfully, editors of Novaya Gazeta.»

As the newspaper editors explained to The Insider, they are suspending both the paper version of the newspaper and the website itself.

Roskomnadzor issued its first warning to the newspaper on 22 March. The agency said it was in connection with the absence of labeling of a non-profit organization as a foreign agent in one of the materials. Two warnings from Roskomnadzor in a year may lead to license revocation.

It was reported earlier that Novaya Gazeta subscribers began receiving notices from mail delivery services saying the Russian Post had confiscated their copies as extremist material.

Before that, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper, Nobel laureate Dmitry Muratov stated he would sell his medal and use the proceeds as aid to Ukrainian refugees.

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