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Russia sets record of simultaneous missile launches, Ukraine takes down most of them, setting record of interceptions

March 26 saw Russia launch a record number of missiles at Ukrainian targets simultaneously, according to The Insider's calculations based on data from sources. Fifty-two missiles were launched by Russia's Black Sea Navy vessels deployed near Sevastopol in Crimea, and at least 18 more from within Belarus. The overall value of these missiles exceeds $380 million in direct manufacturing costs based on 2020 prices. However, if you factor in the logistics, the amount may well reach half a billion dollars spent on the Black Sea missile barrage alone.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s anti-missile systems set a new interception record: only eight out of at least 70 Russian missiles hit their mark. The rest were destroyed in the air. Among the territories targeted by Russia was the area adjacent to the Ukrainian-Polish border on the day of U. S. President Joe Biden’s official visit to Ukraine's neighbor.

According to earlier reports from our sources, Russia launched up to 50 missiles at Ukraine on March 26. Some of them were targeting Lviv, in particular, its fuel depot and defense facility.

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