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Zelensky signed a law making it a crime to publish information on AFU positions

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky signed law # 7189 to prevent unauthorized dissemination of information on the sending and movement of international military aid to Ukraine, the movement, relocation or deployment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces or Ukraine's other military formations during the period of martial law or in a state of emergency. A statement to that effect was posted on the Verkhovna Rada official website.

Now Ukrainians are forbidden to post the following data on social media:

- movements of the Ukrainian military, locations of military facilities;
- air defense system operations;
- areas that were shelled or hit by projectiles;
- missile trajectories or impacts;
- names of streets, transport stops, stores, or factories;
- addresses, landmarks or coordinates of combat zones;
- license plate numbers of vehicles and armored vehicles;
- civilian casualty or KIA numbers (except official data).

Dissemination of such data is punishable by 5 to 8 years of imprisonment, or by 8 to 12 years of imprisonment if such data are published by a group of persons by prior conspiracy, or for personal gain, or with the purpose of providing such information to an aggressor state or an illegal armed group, or if such publication has caused grave consequences.

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